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Access Control


Minimize security risk of unauthorized access to your physical and logical systems



Take Control of Your Property

Access Control Systems

Standard building access is both inefficient and inconvenient. With the right access control systems selectively grant or restrict access to your property and spaces within.


See what you've been missing

This Access Control System and its management provide enhanced security for your facility. It enables features such as identity management, alarm management, H4 video intercom, remote door lock / unlock with maps, streamlined workflows, and customizable reports and actions.


Security to Access

CDVI offers advanced technologic products. These products ranging from biometrics, cards and tags, stand-alone systems, keypads, locks, request to exit devices, and door operators.


For every place that matters

Innovation and sustainability makes Dormakaba keyscan a high performance access control platform. With a host of integration capabilities, this robust platform has no performance delimiters. This product features an array of options that include managing, auditing, and controlling door and elevator floor access, intrusion alarm systems, visitor management, SMART systems, and more.


Protect assets with secure physical & logical access control

These Access Control solutions provide a high level security package for facilities, assets, networks, and resources providing. With visitor management, biometric authentication, mobile access, and card reading, HID creates a safe environment with increased visibility, real-time monitoring, and improved operational efficiencies.

Lift Master

The right access control solution for every application

From entry systems to keypads, cards and card readers, LiftMasters' lineup of solutions feature a unique perimeter alert system rich in options to meet any customers needs.


Safer. Smarter. More Livable Buildings

Mircom manufactures a variety of products for door access controls, keypads, credentials and readers, exit control devices, and electronic strikes and locks for offices, healthcare, and multi-unit residential properties.

OpenTech Alliance

Gain facility-level intelligence from your keypad

OpenTech Alliance products and solutions were developed for the Self Storage Industry. They offer exclusive lifetime protection, mobile app access, cloud-based remote access, flexible software integrations, and access anytime, anywhere.


Access Control: Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.

PDK's easy-to-scale systems provide maximum security. Their sleek designs are both weather proof and tamper proof and being a cloud based management these controllers work with networks, PoE, and wireless options. Their readers are applicable with Bluetooth, standard prox, vandal-proof, and keypads readers.


Advance access control innovation and services

PTI has been providing access control technology for over 40 years. They incorporate the latest cloud-based software with high durability and advanced components. Their StoriLogix Cloud Platform was developed with self-storage in mind with customizable access areas, response capabilities, and detailed reporting. Their hardware controller systems, keypads, and door security solutions have advanced programming functionality for a perfect configuration to each site.

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